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Is the Nintendo Switch a viable VR platform?【Video】

One blogger takes a realistic look at it…in 3-D! Nintendo’s new system has gone over pretty well with the public, despite it’s lackluster library of launch games and stock shortages. Those who have managed to get their hands on a system are most likely loving every second of their Switch lives playing The Legend of […]

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Awesome smiling Shiba dog in Japan doesn’t have a job, still seems to know it’s vacation time

The self-satisfied Internet star is back, and this time he’s happier than ever. There’s a little extra spring in Japan’s step this week, thanks to the string of holidays collectively known as Golden Week. In a society where unpaid overtime and mandatory drinking sessions with coworkers are common aspects of working life, a few days […]

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Here’s your handy Japanese Frappuccino reference chart to help you pick what to have at Starbucks

Can’t decide between all of the different Starbucks Frappuccino in Japan? We’re here to help! On any trip to Japan, there are a series of important questions you’ll have to ask yourself. Do you want the familiar comforts of a Western-style hotel, or the cultural experience of staying in a traditional ryokan inn? Are you going […]

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New extra-thick instant tonkotsu ramen: Japan’s next stuck-working-during-vacation meal solution

Maruchan eases the pain of working while everyone else is playing. Right now, Japan is in the middle of the Golden Week holiday period. While Wednesday to Friday are national holidays, many people elected to take Monday and Tuesday off as well, giving them a solid five days of rest and recreation, a rarity in […]

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Poll asks Japanese gamers if they’d break up with a lover who deleted their Pokémon save

Would having to say goodbye to your Pokémon stable have you ready to say goodbye to your boyfriend or girlfriend too? The Pokémon video games started off squarely aimed at kids, and elementary school-age gamers still make up a key part of their fanbase. However, the franchise has hung onto a lot of fans in […]

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Sexy Japanese cosplayer thanks foreign fans for (relatively) classy behavior, lack of “dick pics”

Says messages from overseas admirers “almost make me swoon.” Not so long ago, being a cosplayer meant you could achieve, at best, local fame. While there’s a lot of talent and effort involved, cosplay was just too niche of a pursuit to warrant much attention from major, mainstream media outlets. Social media has changed all of […]

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“Pathway that will kill people who walk while using a smartphone” discovered in Japan

If you’re in this part of Nagoya, make sure you watch your step, not your screen. Thanks to Japan’s relatively advanced mobile Internet and high-spec cell phones of the late 1990s and early 2000s, it took a bit of time for smartphones to catch on. They’ve quickly become the norm for young consumers and new […]

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